Water is a fragmented industry of 56,000+ water and 14,000+ wastewater utilities.

We enable you to zero in on your most promising prospects at any given time.

Shotgun approach to sales is so yesterday.

Use WatrHub’s Data Engine to target your most promising targets with speed and precision.

If you are hearing about an opportunity at the RFP stage, that’s too late.

Use WatrHub’s Data Engine to predict utilities in need of your technology long before an RFP.

It can take more than 3 years to sell to a municipality.

Use WatrHub’s Data Engine to cut your sales cycles time by 30%.

Why use WatrHub’s Data Engine to power your sales team?

Historically, companies selling to water and wastewater utilities have been constrained by the fragmented industry structure and obscure sales channels. As a result, they are challenged with long sales cycles, low win rates, and slow sales growth.

WatrHub has brought the leading Artificial Intelligence technology to boost sales teams in the water industry in winning deals faster, accelerating sales pipeline, and increasing sales team operational efficiency.

Let’s transform yesterday’s shotgun sales model into a modern Precision Targeting sales process which results in faster sales growth.

Accelerate Sales Pipeline

You have a limited Sales & Marketing budget and at the end of the day you are looking to maximize bookings and Sales growth within that budget. Leads generated through WatrHub’s Data Engine are 3X more likely to convert to Sales Pipeline since they are more targeted and within your sweet spot.

Shorten Sales Cycles

In order to engage prospects in a risk-averse market, a name and number isn’t enough. Clients use WatrHub’s Data Engine to uncover deep insights into their target prospects, and develop a winning, data-driven business case to the utility ahead of the first meeting! WatrHub clients have noticed a 20-45% reduction in sales cycles after using WatrHub’s Data Engine to power their lead generation and sales targeting.

Build Relationships Long Before The RFP

Municipalities are tough customers. Traditional bid tools identify opportunities at the RFP stage, which is too late to action on. Use WatrHub’s Data Engine to uncover early indicators into water infrastructure needs so you can get in early. On average, client’s find that 70% of the insights that WatrHub delivers is new, actionable information that helps build relationships long before an RFP.

How do I work with WatrHub?

When you make the decision to adopt WatrHub’s Precision Targeting sales solution, you are assigned a Client Success Manager from the WatrHub team, who has years of expertise and experience within your product and market segments.

You will work with your Client Success Manager to define your Total Addressable Market and your Precision Targeting Indicators.

These criteria and indicators will then get programmed into WatrHub’s Data Engine that is crawling over 100 million documents daily from thousands of utility/municipal websites and hundreds of government databases.

Our Data Engine will generate a Precision Targeting report customized to your needs that gets curated by your Client Success Manager to ensure it is as actionable as possible in delivering visibility into new opportunities and new insights to shorten sales cycles with known prospects.

You can work with your Client Success Manager to refine the scope, indicators, and criteria on an ongoing basis to adapt the reports to your changing market strategy and sales priorities.

Who uses WatrHub?

WatrHub is focused and committed to the water infrastructure market. Our clients range from all sectors in the water infrastructure market including metering/AMI, water and wastewater treatment, underground infrastructure, and piping.

"As business become more data-centric, WatrHub's data-mining will provide the essential pivot to enable this paradigm shift in the water market"

Check out what a WatrHub Precision Targeting report looks like

These reports are designed for early indicators of sales opportunities and triggers that help our clients prioritize sales actions and get ahead of the curve. We have amassed a library of hundreds of predictive indicators and triggers and we work closely with clients to adapt our reports to their needs. Check out some archived reports.