Water is a fragmented industry of 56,000+ utilities.

We help you find the ones that need your product now.

Sales people slogging for leads is so yesterday.

WatrHub’s analytics reveals targets and territories with speed and automation.

The Who, Where and When.

We automate how sales teams in water find their next opportunity.

It can take more than 10 meetings to sell to a municipality.

WatrHub can cut that by 1/3rd.

How can data help your company?

Based on client specific search criteria, our proprietary data-mining system scours through millions of public records and hundreds of government databases to look for indicators of water utility needs. We use this data to help executives, sales & marketing managers, and sales reps at all stages of the sales cycle.

Make better strategic decisions

Making decisions in the water industry can feel like taking shots in the dark. WatrHub enables unprecedented precision in strategic decision making by providing you with an exhaustive breakdown of all of the potential buyers in your markets and territories.

Prioritize the right targets

There are 56,000 utilities that could purchase your products. We help you filter that universe into a targeted list of 20-30 prospects that actually need your products now.

Build a data driven business case

Engage with your customers by taking a deep dive into the inner workings of their organizations. WatrHub enables higher conversion rates and shorter sales cycles by helping build a data driven business case for your technology that your customers won’t be able to say no to.

How does all this work?

We’ve taken hundreds of thousands of data points and created a custom database that is more comprehensive than the wastewater industry has ever seen before. We're mining new datasets every day, but to give you a sense of what we can accomplish, these are some of the core data sets that customers have been consistently interested in.

Discharge monitoring reports

Most companies have a general idea of where new regulations will cause an increase in equipment and upgrade sales. Our data provides access to a precise level of understanding that allows our customers to know exactly which facilities need their equipment.

Facility Permits

Everyone has seen wastewater facility permits. Some companies may even use them to understand the equipment installed at individual facilities. At WatrHub we've centralized these hard to get permits and offer never before seen insights from this new aggregated perspective.

Municipal Budgets and Plans

Everyone knows the cities spending money right now, but very few companies have the resources to understand future spending habits. We've aggregated enough forward looking city plans to be able to tell you where you'll be able to sell your equipment for the next 5 years.

Why is WatrHub A Better Path to Sales?

Our clients count on WatrHub to help them grow their business and find new opportunities. Delivering a breakthrough in data analytics once thought unattainable, we supply concrete insights including prospects, market opportunities, and decision support. Our portfolio of data products were inspired by our desire to help client’s build strong relationships.

"As business become more data-centric, WatrHub's data-mining will provide the essential pivot to enable this paradigm shift in the water market"

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