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We are transforming how water infrastructure investments are made by delivering predictive market intelligence that will, for the first time, enable us to address infrastructure needs before they become a crisis. We are using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies to aggregate, normalize, and analyze massive, unstructured datasets at scale. Does that sound like your calling?
Then look no further.

Love your job.

WatrHub was started with a mission of using Artificial Intelligence to advance the Water Industry and we will continue to challenge ourselves and our team to do their part to deepen our social impact. This is what makes WatrHub a unique experience when compared against other tech companies and what attracts a lot of great people to want to join us. These are some of the ways that WatrHub employees have explained the perks of working here.

Career Trajectory

You'll grow your skills and responsibilities faster than all your other job prospects. You’ll be assigned challenging objectives along with all the support needed to achieve those objectives. Whether it's going to conferences, meeting CEOs, presenting at local events, getting high level mentors or specific skill-based training, WatrHub offers a number of unique opportunities for employees to learn, get exposure and grow.

Small Team, Big Impact

We are a small team taking on big, global challenges. There are no bench players. From interns up to Team Leaders, everything you do has an impact and gets in the hands of our customers in days.


No genius ever worked linearly. We believe that everyone works different and we offer flexibility to accommodate work styles. Employees don’t clock in and clock out, you are free to work in the ways that is best for you, as long as you get the work done. Need to catch your yoga class every Tuesday morning or work from home on Thursday? You got it


We work in the heart of Toronto's Liberty Village neighbourhood.

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