How We Accelerate Sales & Marketing Teams In The Water Industry

There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to data and many ways that data can be leveraged by sales & marketing teams. With our data & analytics expertise and deep insights into best practices in adopting data analytics, we have mastered this craft down to a science.

Three steps to capturing the power of data with Watrhub.

We have worked with hundreds of professionals and experts across the water industry and have created a methodology that delivers results to our customers. We have distill our experience into three key steps that help us bring ROI to everyone that harnesses our data.

Define the targets

We start by finding out where we can plug in to your system. We analyze the markets you want to expand into, what campaigns you have upcoming and what your ideal customer looks like.  We work with you to nail down the information you need and what the output needs to be to suit your priorities. Think of us as a data-powered extension to your sales and marketing teams.

Datamine the universe

Now it's time to turn the computers loose. We unleash our data team and software to comb through millions of pages of data and extract the golden nuggets relevant to you. We look for early indicators to find out which municipalities and facilities could be sales targets for you. The goal is to identify and prioritize targets before the project or bid phase starts, when they are ripe for hearing about your technology.

Deliver actionable sales targets

We deliver actionable Precision Targeting reports of your top sales targets, with details about each opportunity based on your earlier needs assessment. Our customers receive sortable excel files use to prioritize their sales process, sales targets visualized on geospatial displays, and a web portal that shares alerts and triggers timely sales followups for your team. Our flexible process allows anyone to start using WatrHub to support their sales teams today.

What makes WatrHub unique?

We’ve taken hundreds of thousands of data points and created a proprietary database that is more comprehensive than the water industry has ever seen before. We aggregate data from over 100 million public documents in thousands of utility and municipal websites and hundreds of government databases.

Our unique focus is to use all that data to create predictive insights into water infrastructure needs that enable our clients to target utilities early in their decision-making process.

We're ingesting new datasets every day, but to give you a sense of what we can accomplish, these are some of the core data sets that customers have been consistently interested in.

Discharge monitoring reports

Most companies have a general idea of what regions have new regulations that will cause an increase in equipment and upgrade sales. Our data provides access to a precise level of understanding that allows our customers to know exactly which facilities need their equipment. For example: Which specific WWTPs in Virginia are within 12 months permit renewal and will be required to comply with lower nitrogen limits?

Facility Permits

Everyone has read wastewater facility permits. Some companies may even use them to understand the equipment installed at individual facilities. At WatrHub we've centralized these hard to get permits and offer never before seen insights from this new aggregated perspective. For example, which specific WWTPs in Illinois use chlorine for disinfection?

Municipal Budgets and Plans

Everyone knows the major cities spending money right now, but very few companies have the resources to develop a comprehensive understand future spending habits of cities and utilities across the US. We've aggregated enough forward looking city plans to be able to tell you where you'll be able to sell your equipment and solutions this year and for the next 5 years. For example, which cities are budgeting for a major WWTP plant upgrade next year?